Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clipping path, Image masking, Image cropping, Retouching services">Doe graphics
is a global company that believes in proper utilizing technology to benefit for the customers. Doe graphics provides more value added vital services to the clients in global way going to the prospective leads. We deal in with Photographers, Photo Studios, Catalog Design Production, Pre-press Companies, Web Design Houses, Printing Companies, etc. We are so much aware to provide the premium output finally through the minimum turnaround at the most affordable prices. Our team is very intelligent, confident, diligent, and disciplined who progress maintaining chain of command. We have a very well organized team which is decorated by the expert designers who are from very high educational background and expert in their sectors.">Doe graphics takes pride in building strong strategic long-term client or customer relationships. We are efficient enough because we can meet your demand within your deadline and budget with quality that only you seek.">Doe graphics

Clipping path, Image masking, Image cropping, Retouching services
starts in versatile and shifting phase work at overnight operation. It is established in October 01, 2011 and situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh (GMT+6).

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Multiple Clipping Path or Color Path/Color correction

Multiple Clipping Path or Color Path/Color correction is an extension to the use of clipping path. Multiple Clipping Path is the process of using clipping path/silo/silhouetting to change the color of an individual or parts of a photo, make color correction or add an extra color effect. Multiple clipping path or color path/color correction is used for those images that require isolation of parts and change the color around individual components.

Doe graphics provides very high quality Multiple Clipping Path/Color Correction Services. Doe graphicsoffers minimal service charge from its clients offering high quality Image Multiple Clipping Path/Color Correction Services. Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. But faster service is possible as per client’s requisite. The turnaround time depends on the volume and complicacy of the job.

Clipping path is a non-printing line that encloses one or more areas of a raster image that effectively says to Photoshop software, “Only print what’s inside the path and ignore everything else outside of it”. Clipping paths are typically used to hide the background of an image or may be used to transform an image into any shapes, making the masked portions transparent or to any color background. Clipping Path never becomes a part of the original image or changes any pixel in the image. Clipping paths can be created in graphics programs then exported with an image as an embedded path or alpha channel or they can be drawn directly in some page layout applications. Clipping images can be easily used in catalogs, flyers, brochure, magazines, posters, e-commerce websites and all other fields where usage of images are frequent. As a result clipping path service has become so popular to photographers, publishing houses, graphics design services, web developers etc.